The best EPN Platform to tell people how simple it is to buy from you!

"ScriptBay PRO" is classified as a mini web site complete with descriptive page of your e-commerce on eBay, customizable contact form, Google Map, and of course the inimitable characteristics of ScriptBay, Advanced EPN eBay Search.
The template is compatible with all browsers and is responsive with modern mobile devices and tablets.
It is also possible to set the default search with a keyword default, which will display the Item in real-time with direct link to the auction on eBay.

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Shopping EASY with Us!

ScriptBay EPN Search Script

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the text and add pictures?

Of course! ScriptBay PRO is very easy to customize in all its parts; I recommend you use this great text editor, which is very intuitive and easy to use.Notepad ++ is free and one Awesome tool!

Do I need a shopping cart?

No! The simple interface with ScriptBay, Advanced eBay EPN Script, allows you to redirect your Users directly on your Profile Sellers on eBay, or the selected object. On your personal Mini Site, YOU don't have to worry with any sales! ;D

In what way does ScriptBay PRO increase my earnings?

With the unique features of ScriptBay, you have a triple advantage. Incomes from the sale of your items on eBay; this comes through your affiliate link, and even if the sale is another object through the eBay affiliate program (EPN)!

Do I need a hosting with special features?

No! The total weight of all the files and less than 3MB! With ScriptBay PRO a database is not necessary; your contact form and Google Map are included in this fantastic template!

ScriptBay PRO is proposed as an alternative to the usual, mundane and often ineffective landing pages / splash pages that you see every day on the web. Show your users, in real time, the objects of the Auction on your eBay Shop and increasing substantially any sales. It also provides an excellent and professional store front for your Business, technologically advanced and fully optimized for this purpose.